How to pick ideal home for your family.

14938-illustration-of-a-yellow-house-pvPicking the ideal home for your family involves initial steps on your part. It doesn’t just happen with the snap-of-a-finger. If you are going to find the perfect home, there are processes involved that include researching, planning, and anticipating the steps involved in choosing an ideal home.

One of the first steps in choosing an ideal home for your family is researching and finding a reputable real estate agent to help you in your search. You want to find a realtor who is versed in both used and new home sales and is familiar with property values and current housing costs.

If you decide not to consult with a realtor, you will have to search for homes in the specific area where you want to live and make your way through the homes for “sale by owner” that are in your location of choice. This process can be tiring, time consuming and discouraging, but it may be worthwhile when trying to save on real estate fees and other hidden costs.

In order to find the ideal home, familiarize yourself with the points given below. You’ll want most of this information in your hands in dealing with what will probably come up in any home acquisition situation. If you are contemplating a newer or recently built home in a subdivision, similar guidelines are applicable and are listed as follows:

– Location – where you want to live and average costs to live here
– Proximity of home’s location to work, schools, shopping and other amenities
– Amount of square footage required for size of family
– Size of lot and any additional surrounding property
– Property values and taxes (city, county, state costs)
– Budget limits and mortgage financing costs – on a new or used home
– Record of existing home’s maintenance, changes or additions made
– Records of home and property inspections and what areas require repairs or upgrades
– Repairs or upgrades that have already been made to an existing or new home
– Property and fire insurance estimates and coverage costs
– Utilities – gas, water, sewer, garbage deposits and billing costs
– HOA (Home Owner’s Association) possible, costs rules and regulations (if there is an HOA)

The coordination of aesthetics and the wants and desires of family members come into play when picking an ideal home. This aspect means planning for the spaces within a home that are part of an ideal home. Realistically, most homeowners are interested in a number of upgrades that make an ideal home, which include:

– Two or three car garage
– Outside patio, front porch or deck area
– Fenced backyard
– Foyer or large entryway
– Swimming pool (depending on geographical location)
– Fireplace
– Master suite with en-suite bathroom and spa area
– Laundry room
– Mud area – depending on geographical location
– Entertainment room – home theater, game area, music
– Open space kitchen with upgraded appliances, islands, bars and additional dining spaces
– Great room – open space living area
– Walk-in closets
– two to three bathrooms (with shower and tub)
– Craft/sewing/homework room
– Man cave

There are numerous considerations to be made in picking an ideal home for your family and the information provided here is just a start in the process. Before you decide on an ideal home, it is worth the time and effort to review the guidelines given. Once that is complete, you are ready to initiate a search to find the ideal home for you and your family. Living, working and playing will be worth the effort.